What is Vintage

While reading some tips on blogging the other day, one of the tips was to make sure your blog name and what you are blogging sort of go together and something you are passionate about. This did make me think about my story; Vintage things are my passion and well so is Chocolate a great favorite. So I did some research and thinking about this. To be considered an antique (which I also love) the object needs to be of a certain age to be considered an antique, interesting. Vintage though may be called 'second hand' in nature  because it has been previously used and is the opposite of 'new' and can be any age or style. So my conclusion is that I do prefer the name Vintage as opposed to 'second hand', Vintage just gives that sort of quality and style feeling to what you have to blog about or display. So after all this is just to say maybe the name I have chosen is not so bad after all and does go with my life passions, so be blessed as you hopefully enjoy your visit. 

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